12-15 Sep 2023 Paris (France)

How to submit

We invite attendees who wish to present their work as an oral presentation or as a poster to submit a one-page-abstract in PDF format.

You will be notified by June concerning the acceptance of your proposal, and possible changes (topic, presentation format) that we propose. Note that due to the conference duration and extrapolating from past attendance numbers, an attendee may be the presenting author of one talk and one poster at most (there is no restriction of course on being co-author on several more contributions).

Upon acceptance of your contribution, you will be asked to submit an extended abstract (3 or 4 pages) before July 2023. A corresponding template will be made available here.

[edit july 7th 2023:] You have the possibility to upload an extended abstract (up to 4 pages) via your `My submissions' page (small '+' symbol) before august 15th. If you do not modify your abstract we will include its current version in the book of abstracts. This extended abstract is entirely optional. Note that this extended abstract is distinct from the article that you will be invited to submit after the symposium for the conference proceedings. The template is the same as for the short abstract.


A template for the initial single-page abstract is provided for LaTeX users and for Microsoft Word users.

[edit july 7th 2023:] Please use the same template for the extended abstract, which should not exceed 4 pages.

Submission process

Click on the "New submission" tab to the left. You will have to create an account beforehand and be logged in — we do apologise for this perhaps unwelcome constraint, but it will streamline the process later on, from registration to the communication with referees.

Then follow the four steps. To help us with building the conference programme you will be asked to choose a topic where your contribution best fits. We will try our best to group talks on similar subjects, and may create new topics as needed. If you feel none of the proposition covers your contribution, you may select the topic Other and feel free to suggest a topic in the comment box.

Use the comment box also for any information that you wish to convey regarding the submitted proposal.

Please upload your contribution in PDF format. In principle Word upload triggers an automatic conversion to PDF in that case please check that the resulting PDF matches your expectations.

General instructions for submitting can be found here.

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